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Jul 30

Pushing Our Kids to Growth In Their Faith, Part 2

In part one of this series, I shared how I often hear some parents say that they don’t want to push their kids when it comes to faith. I shared how there were usually three reasons behind this: fear, inadequacy and challenge. Fear is a common issue when parents are concerned that if they push …

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Jul 29

A Common Mistake Parents Make When Challenging Kids to Grow in Their Faith, Part 1


I want to begin this series by making it very clear that my purpose is not to critique parents (I am a parent), or send a message that will be interpreted as negative.  My purpose for writing this post is to create awareness, generate dialogue, and help parents be successful in helping their kids grow …

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Mar 06

Creating an Intentional-Push for Growing Kids in their Faith, Part 3


Parents often feel inadequte when it comes to pushing their kids to grow in their faith.  This is common and normal for several reasons.  First, parents have never been parents before!  Each day is a new day, and each season and stage of a kid’s life is a new. Unless a parent has raised a …

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Jul 25

“Filling Their Shoes”: Succession in Youth Ministry


Recently I have been helping a Church think through the hire of their next youth pastor, and it had me thinking about succession in youth ministry.  It has been my experience that there is a sort of “loyalty factor” between students and families who were connected to the previous youth pastor as a new youth …

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