Jul 25

What Does it Mean To Be Called By God?

God called Noah to build an Ark, called Moses lead Israel out of Egypt, called Jonah to preach in Nineveh. The Old Testament stories of Jacob, Samuel, David, Solomon reveal to us that God was at work in ordinary people to do great things. What about us? What does it mean to be called by …

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Jul 24

Dave Ramsey’s Insight on Financial Crisis

I was in Atlanta last week attending “Catalyst”, the premier Christian leadership conference in the country with over 12k people from over 5k churches. One of the speakers was Dave Ramsey, who runs a ministry designed to help people in the area of finances. Recently he’s had a commentary voice on many of the national …

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Jul 23

Ten Years of Marriage

Jayme and I celebrated our 10-year anniversary yesterday (10/27). We spent most of the day together; did some shopping, saw a movie, and then went to dinner at this awesome inn/spa called Stonehedge Inn in Tyngsboro. During dinner we spent some time thinking through the highlights of 10 years. Goals Reached Faithful 10 years of …

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Jul 20

Going On Vacation!

2012-06-16 20.34.48

I’m heading out on vacation today with my family.  Here is a little peek into what our vacation will look like: What I’m Not Doing On Vacation  Checking Email:  Auto Responder is on, and I’m disconnecting email from my phone. Doing Work While I’m Away:  I have a great team of staff and interns who …

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Jul 15

Trinidad Team Update: Heading Home


The team is in final preparations to head home.  As I’m writing this, bags are being packed up, bed linens are being stripped, rooms are being cleaned, and final encouragement notes are being written.  What a great week of ministry and community!  I’m amazed at all God accomplished in us and through us.  Here are …

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Jul 12

Thursday Trinidad Team Update

Yesterday was a very rainy day, with heavy down-pours during all of VBS and a majority of our construction work.  That, however, did not keep our team from giving their all, and kids from showing up, and work getting done!  As the week has progressed we have seen almost 200 kids between our three VBS …

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Jul 11

Wednesday Morning Trinidad Team Update

We are half way through our week!  Here are a few more updates from some students on our team: Today as the bus pulled up, rain poured down on the field and over the tent.  There was not one child to be found along the streets by our VBS.  Under the tent, our team circled …

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Jul 10

Tuesday Morning Trinidad Team Update

Yesterday we had a great start to all of our VBS sites!  There is always a little uncertainty if kids will show up, and if the work that has been invested in preparing for VBS over the last several months would pay off.  Between the three sites we had 120 kids show up to the …

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Jul 09

Monday Morning Trinidad Update

The Trinidad Team had a great day yesterday.  After a good night sleep, we were up and ready for action.  Here are some highlights from the day: Orientation:  The first part of the day we learned about some of the history of Trinidad, and got a better understanding of the different religions that are represented.  …

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Jul 08

Trinidad Team Update #1

After a 2:30AM bus ride to Logan Airport, a flight to Miami, and another flight down to Trinidad, we are here!  It is 8:30AM Sunday morning, the team is up getting ready for breakfast, orientation and site visits today.  As I’m thinking through the last 24 hours, there have been some really cool things that …

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