Nov 04

Why I Blog

I was the facilitator of our monthly All-Staff meeting yesterday. The basic role of a facilitator for our context is to lead the meeting, address the items on the agenda, keep the meeting on time (minor fail for me), and to lead a discussion on a topic/issue of my choice. For a variety of reasons, I chose the topic of blogging. Here is a portion of what I shared to our staff yesterday on why I blog:

  • A blog provides a platform for my voice to be heard: I lead a large group of people, most of which I may only see for an hour a week. In that hour I have about 30 minutes of teaching/training/ministry time. A blog provides a tool and platform in which I can speak to a multitude of thoughts, topics and issues. It also provides the opportunity to create dialogue and discussion.
  • A blog gives others an in-road to my heart and passions: There are many times I hear people say “I want to hear more from you”, or “what do you think about”, and “I want to know more about your family, passions, etc”.  Blogging gives me an opportunity to be more transparent, and to share more of my life with the people I shepherd and lead.  To me, this is the most important reason why I blog.  I try to blog about my life, leadership lessons and things I’m learning along my faith journey that may be helpful to others.
  • A blog is an efficient way to communicate with a large group of people: In our ministry context, we are a large Church and we are regional.  A blog is an efficient way to communicate many people who live a far distance from our church.  I love that I can post something on my blog, and people can read right on their own computer, at their leisure, potentially seconds after I post.  Most large churches around the country use blogs as one way to interact and communicate with their people.  Granger Community Church in Indiana does this very well.  Almost their entire staff has a blog, and it is accessible through their main website.
  • A blog can be a resource to others: I once heard that whatever I create, write or develop, create  it to be reproducible for others. I love networking with other youth workers, and love sharing things I’ve developed or learned in ministry.  I want to partner with others, and if what I’ve created in our context can be a help or assistance to others, then I’m more than willing to share.

My hope is that whoever reads my blog learns a little more about who I am and what God is doing in me and through me.


  • http://georgekatrina.blogspot.com/ Katrina George

    Good stuff, Todd!! I kind of miss those all-staff meetings! I definitely miss y’all!

    Keep blogging – it’s all good! :)