Jul 23

Ten Years of Marriage

Jayme and I celebrated our 10-year anniversary yesterday (10/27). We spent most of the day together; did some shopping, saw a movie, and then went to dinner at this awesome inn/spa called Stonehedge Inn in Tyngsboro. During dinner we spent some time thinking through the highlights of 10 years.

Goals Reached
Faithful 10 years of marriage
Jayme finished her Master’s degree
I began to chip away at Seminary
We have two awesome kids
We bought a house
We both have great careers where we are helping people

Defining Moments
Coming to Grace Chapel
Leaving North River
The births of Reilly & Peyton
Two miscarriages
Telling Jayme we couldn’t have kids naturally
When Peyton was in the hospital
When Reilly started preschool
Helping friends through marriage crisis
Going to Camp of the Woods for family camp
Learning how to fight better
Learning how to be partners

Best Times
Family vacations
Whenever we are with friends

Worst Times
New Years in FL year 1
Jayme having rabies series
Jayme’s surgery
First BIG fight (Jayme threw salad at me)

There were more things we covered in each of these categories, but these are the highlights. The greatest thing is that God has been faithful. We were reflecting last night how even during the hard times we learned something about each other and grew closer during those struggles.

Happy 10 year anniversary Jayme…today begins the count of the next 10!!!