Aug 10

Top Quotes From The Global Leadership Summit

Yesterday I attended the Global Leadership Summit by the Willow Creek Association.  160K leaders from around the world, taking two days to learn, grow, fill their leadership tanks, and become better leaders.  At our site, we had over 400 people in attendance, and the energy all day was buzzing. Each speaker was authentic, passionate, and determined to be better leaders, and they were committed to helping other leaders become better as well.

Here are my top takeaway quotes from the Global Leadership Summit:

Quotes From Bill Hybels:

Everyone wins when leaders get better.

What does your community think your church is?

Like it or not, your organization takes its seed-sowing cues from you

You are the most difficult person you will lead.

Most important asset is not time. It’s energy and ability to energize.

God didn’t make you a leader to respond to stuff all day – He made you a leader to move stuff ahead!!

God makes us leaders to move people from an undesirable reality to what a new reality could be.

Savor every day you get to lead..


Quotes From Condoleezza Rice

No one likes to follow a sour-puss

Today’s headlines and history’s judgement are rarely the same.

After struggle comes relief – after Friday there comes a Sunday. It is a privilege to struggle

The most important characteristic in a leader is irrepressible optimism.

If every life is worthy, every life is also capable of greatness

Friendship can be the place that let’s you have difficult conversations.


Quotes From Jim Collins

Why do some thrive under difficult circumstances, while some do not, in the same difficult circumstances?

Separate practices from values

Preserve the core & simulate progress

The signature of mediocrity is not unwillingness to change – it is chronic inconsistency

Every church, every leader would benefit from having a 20-mile march

My organization is not truly great if it cannot be great without me.


Quotes From Craig Groeschel

Life is not measured in time. It’s measured in love, contribution & grace.

Older generation – Don’t resent, fear or judge the next generation. Believe in them.

Don’t delegate tasks or you’ll just get followers. Delegate authority and you’ll get leaders.

With the younger generation, authenticity trumps cool every single time

If you’re not DEAD you’re not DONE!!!