Aug 06

Three Ways I’m Using Evernote

Several years ago I got an Evernote account.  I remember taking a picture of a quote on the back of a Starbucks cup with my Palm Treo, and emailing it to my Evernote account, which would then be able to be found in a search database by typing in a few words of the quote that I had saved.  While I thought it was a really cool feature, I never really gained much traction with Evernote mainly because I was using Microsoft’s Onenote, and really wasn’t  excited about making the change.

Fast forward to this year, and I’m using Evernote to help keep me as organized and productive as possible.  The main reason behind the switch is that Evernote has made it so easy to be able to sync my notes with all of my devices (Desktop, iPhone, iPad, Laptop).  Wherever I am, my notes and files are with me.  The development of the platform keeps improving, and I’m finding new uses for it all the time.

Here are three ways I’m currently using Evernote:

Going Paperless:  Currently, this is the main function of Evernote for me these days.  One specific area for me is in the area of personal finances.  I always need to save receipts, and usually they end up left in my pocket (and get run through the wash), or my wallet is overstuffed with paper.  Now when I get a receipt, I snap a picture of it and send it to Evernote with a folder label in the subject line, and it’s saved!  I have also begun using my Evernote email address for financial statements and bills to be automatically emailed right to Evernote.  The beauty of this is that I don’t have tons of paper sitting around on my desk or in a box.  It’s all filed away in a few simple steps.

Project Tracking:  I can start working on a project at home, and then pick up where I left off in the office without having to carry around my laptop (A.K.A. “brick”).  Yesterday morning I was working on a schedule for our mission team’s “Just Back” report to our congregation.  I finalized the program order at my desk at home, made a few minor changes on my iPhone when I got to the room we would be presenting, added a few last minute notes I wanted to be sure to say during the presentation, and it was all synced on my desktop when I got home that afternoon.   In the past I would have multiple drafts, would have to make edits on paper, then come back and enter those edits into the original document I was working on. I also emailed the notes to someone else who would have the program order on their iPhone.  It is a game-changer!

Writing:  I am beginning to use Evernote for writing.  As I mentioned, in the past I used Onenote for this.  While it has been a great program, I’m finding it much easier to keep everything centralized in one program.  I can add blog post ideas wherever I am, I have folders for upcoming messages and teaching, and can easily add thoughts, ideas, illustrations, and links to media clips quickly.  In the past, I would walk around with a Moleskin to write things down that I wanted to remember, and would be frustrated if I left it somewhere.  Now I simply create a note in my Evernote app on my phone, and it’s saved.  When I’m looking for an idea that I have previously saved, all I need to do is typed in a few search words, and the note or file comes right up.

I’m learning new features and finding creative ways to use Evernote everyday, and would love to learn from you.  If you are an Evernote user, how are you currently using it to simplify your life?