Mar 15

Making a Hero

This is a great video from Miguel Endara.  The background of the video is this is a drawing recreated from a photocopy, filled in with ink dots.  The person in the picture is the father of the artist, hence the title “Hero”.  This video got me thinking in the context of character and leadership development.  Here are a couple thoughts that have percolated as I have watched this video a few times:

  • We love to “copy” those who inspire us (1 Corinthians 11:1).
  • Great leaders leave for others a blueprint in which they can model.
  • Every moment in our life is a “dot” that defines and displays our character.  Our image displays like dots for the world to see.
  • There are no shortcuts in creating a legacy.  It takes time build a life-long legacy.  The artist and father both display an amazing amount of patience, endurance, and persistence.