Jan 02

Cool Productivity Apps/Programs for 2012

Like everyone else in the world, the new year always brings about a desire to be more organized and productive than the previous year.  Here are some cool Apps and Programs I found that I have been messing around with for a little while now, and will be using more frequently in 2012.  Some are for iphone/ipad, others are great web apps:

Spark People:  I’ve been using this web app for about seven weeks, and it is great if you are looking for a health management program.  Track nutrition, fitness, goals, weight, etc.  It has a social network feel to it, giving you access to others who are similar to you and your goals.  It also has iPhone/iPad apps as well.


Shoeboxed:  Shoeboxed has been around for a while, and I’ve used it on occasion, but I’m resurrecting for the new year to do a better job at tracking receipts for my taxes.  Basically you can scan, mail, upload or send a picture of a receipt to Shoeboxed, and it will store it for you.  You can then go online to your account, assign a category, and export a nice looking file when you need it.  After spending all morning sorting three months of receipts, I’m ready to give this a shot.  It’s also good for tracking reimbursements, expense accounts, etc.  Shoeboxed also has iPhone/iPad apps.


Blinq Photo: 
Blinq gives you secure access to photos stored on your PC anywhere.  Instead of filling up my iPhone with all my pics, I leave them on an external hard drive connected to my PC, access the drive via an iPhone app, and I have instant access to over 10k pics!  People want to see the kids?  No problem!


Moleskine:  I have had a Moleskine for a few years now, and just recently found the App for iPad.  I love using this for neideas, thoughts, and things I need to flush out a little more.  I also use it to track devotional thoughts during my Quiet Times.  I added a few new categories, and can easily organize new entries.  The best part is I done have to carry around an actual book any more.


If you have an idea for an App, I would love to learn from you.  Feel free to post your favorite in the comment section below.

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