Dec 31

Apps Used in iBand Christmas Eve Service Opener at Grace Chapel

I have been asked by a few people what apps we used for the Christmas Eve opener.   Here is a list of what we used for instruments.  Everything is available on iTunes.  Some are free, some have a cost.

  • Melody Bell
  • iShred (I would recommend iShred Live)
  • Garage Band
  • Music Studio
  • Drums!

A few notable apps that are awesome that we are going to explore a little more together:

  • Soundgrid Live (this is awesome!)
  • iGog
  • Bassist
  • Guitarist

There you go.  Grab  a few Apps and beef up your New Year’s celebration with an iBand!

While we had a blast working together on this project, the truth is it was even a greater opportunity to be part of a larger team of all the elements that went into our Christmas eve service, which is primarily made up of amazing volunteers and staff to create a great expression of worship to celebrate the birth of Christ.

Merry Christmas, again, and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!