Nov 19

NT Wright

I spent the day up at Gordon Conwell listening to NT Wright give his perspective on the gospel of John.  For those who do not know him, he is a well respected New Testament Scholar, and Bishop of Durham.  To say it was a “drink from a firehose” is an understatement.  Wright brought new perspective on creation and the new creation in Christ.  While I’m still trying to shift through the notes, here is an excerpt of his teaching.

John echoes the first chapter of Genesis: In the beginning God made heaven and earth; in the beginning was the Word.  When the Word becomes flesh, heaven and earth are joined together as God always intended.  


The creation story which begins with a distinction b/t heaven and earth reaches with its highest point in the creation of male and female; and when heaven and earth are joined together in Jesus Christ, the glorious intention for the whole creation is unveiled, reaffirming the creation of male and female in God’s image.  


 John 1 stands in parallel to Genesis 1.26–8, which speaks of creation fulfilled. 

I’ll post more as I make sense of it all… It was a good experience!