Nov 16

Missions More Than One Week A Year

Thanks to Paul Malkemes from The Boston Project for speaking to our High School students a Gravity this morning.  Paul challenged our students to think about missions as more than just a week of service per year, but serving others all year round.  Here were some of his points that I wrote down:

1.  We are part of God’s solution for meeting other’s needs.

2.  Just like the recent presidential had a strategy to change and win, so we must begin with the end in missions.   Matthew 25 spells that out when Jesus separates the sheep & goats.  The sheep were not simply based on an altar call or the one’s who signed a commitment card or stood up to follow Christ, it was based on how people cared.  When we see that reality it will compel us to act out of our love for Jesus.

3.  To have a lifestyle of serving we must anchor ourselves in scipture (Luke 10:36-37, James 2:17). 
Serving out of guilt, good feeling will run out of juice very quickly.

4.  A lifestyle of serving starts small and when we are young.  Pray 1x/day that God will provide you an opportunity to serve someone at somepoint during your day.  Serving opportunities are all around you.

Check out Paul’s entire message HERE