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Oct 21

Blogs I Read

blog board

Blogging has increasingly become a highway of information, opinion and learning.  Almost daily someone is pointing me to a new blog that is loaded with great information.  I value the input of friends who have found blogs to be helpful and insightful, so tonight I’m returning the favor.  Here are some blogs that I have …

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Sep 16

Leading Three Key Groups of People

This week I had the privilege of speaking at a Leadership Class at Gordon College. It was a great group of students. They were passionate and engaged in the topic of leadership. Here is an excerpt of what I taught: There are many definitions for leadership. One defines leadership as moving a group of people …

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Apr 23

30 Hour Famine Begins

Our High School Ministry is participating in World Vision’s 30 Hour Famine this weekend.  We begin at 7AM today, and will not eat until 1PM on Saturday afternoon. The idea came from our senior girls small group.  They have been reading “The Hole In Our Gospel”, by Richard Stearns, and ended up in a discussion …

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Nov 11

Contact Work Policy

I got a call today from a friend in youth ministry asking about adult leaders working with students.  His specific question was, “How should we handle kids going to a leader’s house to do home projects, etc?”  Here is how I responded: If there is a screening system in place when recruiting volunteers (application, church …

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Sep 17

Creating A Welcoming Culture

We did a little experiment with our Student Leadership Team this summer.  We challenged our student leaders to go and visit another youth ministry.  The purpose of the visit was for our students to know what it feels like to be a first-time student in our ministry.  Last Sunday we spent some time debriefing their …

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Jul 17

New Orleans Mission Trip ’09


I’m just getting back into the saddle after being away on the HS Mission Trip to New Orleans last week.  What a trip!  It was by far one of the best trips I have had the privilege to lead.  The team worked very hard, they bonded well together, and there were countless stories of God …

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Jun 16

Four Identity Phases of Faith Development

I recently led a workshop at a conference for women.  The theme of the workshop was to help parents understand the progressive phases that teenagers go through during adolescence.  Based on the research from Kara Powell, here is a portion of what I communicated: As teenagers go through the journey of adolescence, there are four …

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Mar 17

Gravity Planning Meeting


Had our summer planning meeting for Gravity yesterday up on the North Shore.  I love the opportunity to carve out a significant amount of time with our team to think through what is coming up.  It seems like the longer we are together, the more we know how each other thinks, reacts, and processes information.  …

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Mar 08

Sex Series Promo

Next Sunday we are kicking off a new teaching series on Sex.  With all the voices students hear about Sex (parents, church, friends, culture), we want to help students know that Sex was God’s design first, and it is good.  Here is a video clip we used to promote the series.

Mar 01

New Creation

This is an awesome video that was performed at a weekend worship service at Fellowship Church in TX.  It definitely gives new meaning to “Worship Arts”.  Great for a devotional on new beginnings, fresh start, and what happens to our life when we follow Christ. 

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