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Aug 10

Top Quotes From The Global Leadership Summit


Yesterday I attended the Global Leadership Summit by the Willow Creek Association.  160K leaders from around the world, taking two days to learn, grow, fill their leadership tanks, and become better leaders.  At our site, we had over 400 people in attendance, and the energy all day was buzzing. Each speaker was authentic, passionate, and …

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Aug 01

Questions to Ask When Hiring a Youth Pastor

I have been helping a local church hire a their next Youth Pastor, and was asked to give them some questions to help sift through their resume’ pile.  Here are some questions I recommended they ask ask during round #1 to see if their potential finalists have a solid foundation.  Any other questions come to mind?  Leave a comment …

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Jul 31

Questions a Church Must Ask BEFORE Hiring a Youth Pastor

One of the most visited posts’ on my blog is Questions to Ask When Hiring a Youth Pastor.  Today I was thinking about questions that a Church must ask before hiring a youth pastor.  If your Church is going to invest $150k of ministry dollars over the next three years, not only is it good …

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Jul 27

A Theology for Hanging Out

Some of the most teachable moments in my faith journey have occurred when others would simply hang out with me.A college professor “hung out” with me every Tuesday of my senior year to play racquetball.A mentor “hung out” with me every Monday night around a dinner table for a year where we talked about faith …

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Jul 26

Thoughts on Teen “Sexting”

The Boston Globe had an article in their December 8th edition entitled “Teens’ Nude Photos Get Unexpected Results“. I actually received a couple of emails from parents and leaders who reacted to the article. It certainly is a daunting time to be a teenager. The culture has lowered the standards for sexuality to a level …

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May 07

Mission Trips Part 1: Pros & Cons of a Large Mission Team

adobe cross

I’m starting a blog series this week on mission trips.  We are in the middle of our mission trip season at our church, and I just got back from a great training weekend.  Our church is sending out eight teams this summer, each varying in size.  One of the tensions that we are often discussing …

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Apr 02

Are You Ever Jealous Of “That Big Church”?

Tim Stevens, Executive Pastor at Granger Community Church posted this article on his blog.  As someone who has served in three different sized churches, I find what Tim writes to be true of all churches.  Our culture often uses numbers as a metric of success, and that has seeped into the Church.  To be big …

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Feb 04

Avalanche 2011

Avalanche Title slide

In a few short hours, Gravity’s High School Winter Retreat, Avalanche 2011 will begin! I love retreats, because it gives students an opportunity to connect, grow and experience biblical community with their peers in a way that God had intended. We are very excited, and are looking forward to this being a weekend that students …

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Jan 20

Ministry Spotlight: Baja Bound Ministries


From time to time I hope to be able use the Live:Learn:Lead blog to highlight various ministries that are innovative, influential and making an impact.  One such ministry is led by a good friend of mine, John Rose at Baja Bound Ministries.  John has committed over twenty years of his life to serving and helping …

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Nov 04

Why I Blog

I was the facilitator of our monthly All-Staff meeting yesterday. The basic role of a facilitator for our context is to lead the meeting, address the items on the agenda, keep the meeting on time (minor fail for me), and to lead a discussion on a topic/issue of my choice. For a variety of reasons, …

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