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Nov 11

Spreading The Wealth?

It has been interesting listening to the responses from people I have talked with this last week about their reaction to the election.  Some shared their disappointment, others were indifferent knowing how the election was going to go, and many were overjoyed that we now have a leader who can lead real change, and get …

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Jun 19

Building a Swing Set

My mom bought Reilly and Peyton a swing-set; it was a house warming gift that was put on hold until we decided how we were going to landscape the yard. We got a great deal on it, but it’s a do-it yourself kit. Here is stage one: Framing the fort. Reilly and Peyton were even …

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May 07

Latest Home Improvement Project

Here is the latest project I have been working on. Never tiled before, so it is a little bit of a challenge to be patient when setting each tile. Pretty good for government work…i think. I’ll post more when it’s done.

Feb 01


While the term is synonymous to the real “doghouse” (where your wife puts you when you’ve been an idiot), I have named my own little space in the world “Dawghouse”. You see, when you are the only male in the house with three females (Jayme and two little cherubs), a man needs a place, a …

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Jan 29

Staff Transitions at Willow Creek

I heard through the grapevine yesterday that two senior staff members resigned from Willow Creek over the weekend. This morning I got to read the statement from the elders at Willow regarding the transition, check it out here . The reasons that were stated were genuine, authentic, and God-honoring. One staff person wanted to be …

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Jan 12

Prayer for Africa

I received this note from family members who are missionaries in Africa. They are leaving this weekend to head back there after being in the US for the last six months. Part of the Church is in despair, and needs support from its brothers and sisters. As I was praying this morning, I was reminded …

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Oct 31

Mike Timlin is coming to Grace!

Mike Timlin is going to stop by Grace Chapel this Friday night to share his faith, and talk about how he is an influence on and off the field. Should be a great night!!

Oct 22

Thoughts From Retreat

I have been home a few days, and have still be thinking through what I learned on the retreat. For starters, it was good to be in silence and solitude for the better part of of 30 hours. While it was a shock to my system, it was good for my soul. Here are some …

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Oct 16

24 Hour Retreat

Tomorrow morning I leave for a 24-hour retreat with our church staff. No phones, no ipods, no PDA’s, no laptops, no books. Just a bible, journal and pen. 24 hours of prayer, reflective reading and rest. Never done this before, so we’ll see how this turns out. I’ll share some thoughts when I get back …

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Oct 10

Working On The House

This past March I began the proces of painting my house. The color of the house when we bought it was ugly, and the house was in need of scraping and fresh paint. Much to my surprise, I quickly discovered rot in several areas of the house. This was my task most of the spring …

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