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Aug 10

Top Quotes From The Global Leadership Summit


Yesterday I attended the Global Leadership Summit by the Willow Creek Association.  160K leaders from around the world, taking two days to learn, grow, fill their leadership tanks, and become better leaders.  At our site, we had over 400 people in attendance, and the energy all day was buzzing. Each speaker was authentic, passionate, and …

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Aug 08

Four Ways I Have Learned To Travel Smarter

Between work and family I have about ten overnight trips over the course of a year.  There was a time where I didn’t think much about packing when I would travel; I would just simply throw everything into a suitcase and rushed out the door.  Over the years I have discovered some simple, but helpful ways to …

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Aug 06

Three Ways I’m Using Evernote

Several years ago I got an Evernote account.  I remember taking a picture of a quote on the back of a Starbucks cup with my Palm Treo, and emailing it to my Evernote account, which would then be able to be found in a search database by typing in a few words of the quote …

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Jul 25

What Does it Mean To Be Called By God?

God called Noah to build an Ark, called Moses lead Israel out of Egypt, called Jonah to preach in Nineveh. The Old Testament stories of Jacob, Samuel, David, Solomon reveal to us that God was at work in ordinary people to do great things. What about us? What does it mean to be called by …

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Jul 24

Dave Ramsey’s Insight on Financial Crisis

I was in Atlanta last week attending “Catalyst”, the premier Christian leadership conference in the country with over 12k people from over 5k churches. One of the speakers was Dave Ramsey, who runs a ministry designed to help people in the area of finances. Recently he’s had a commentary voice on many of the national …

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Jul 23

Ten Years of Marriage

Jayme and I celebrated our 10-year anniversary yesterday (10/27). We spent most of the day together; did some shopping, saw a movie, and then went to dinner at this awesome inn/spa called Stonehedge Inn in Tyngsboro. During dinner we spent some time thinking through the highlights of 10 years. Goals Reached Faithful 10 years of …

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Jun 05

Latest Home Project: The Deck


This summer we are tackling the outside of the house, and to start off, I spent most of this week working on our deck.  After two summers of splinters, falling through rotted boards, and an ugly paint color, I began the process of ripping up the existing boards and laying down new treads.  There were …

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Mar 11

Harnessing Relational Equity, Part One

I have been thinking about the importance of harnessing relational equity in leadership positions.  Whether it’s business, the Church, or politics, relational equity is simply part of leadership.  Ever try to pitch an idea and have someone say “what does Mike think about this idea?” Or, “How are parents going to react?”  When you have relational equity, you have leverage and …

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Nov 19

NT Wright

I spent the day up at Gordon Conwell listening to NT Wright give his perspective on the gospel of John.  For those who do not know him, he is a well respected New Testament Scholar, and Bishop of Durham.  To say it was a “drink from a firehose” is an understatement.  Wright brought new perspective …

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Nov 16

Missions More Than One Week A Year

Thanks to Paul Malkemes from The Boston Project for speaking to our High School students a Gravity this morning.  Paul challenged our students to think about missions as more than just a week of service per year, but serving others all year round.  Here were some of his points that I wrote down: 1.  We are …

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