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Jul 21

The Pastor’s Job Description

I’m currently reading Dangerous Calling, by Paul David Tripp.  This is a great book, and one that I would recommend to anyone in ministry or who is preparing for ministry.  It is one of those books that you will continually refer back to, regularly uncovering and unpacking new things about your heart, desires and ministry.  Today as …

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Jul 14

Stand With Gordon College, Against Gordon College, or Stand With Christ?

I have been quietly watching from the sidelines as my Alma Mater, Gordon College has been thrown into the political arena over President Michael Lindsay’s signature on a letter to President Obama requesting an exemption in an executive order concerning the Employment Non-Discrimination Act.  The letter has sparked quite a blaze with students and alumni …

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Jul 05

Navigating the Decision to Give Your Tween a Cell Phone

For over a year now, our oldest daughter, Reilly, has been asking for a cell phone.  We didn’t feel she was ready for a cell phone when she first asked us, and truthfully we really didn’t see the need for one.  As my wife Jayme polled some of our friends who had tweens, we found ourselves …

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Dec 18

What Mary and Joseph Heard at Christmas, Part Three

This week I have been reflecting on Mary and Joseph’s experience at the first Christmas.  What did Mary and Joseph hear from God?  So far I have pointed out that Mary and Joseph heard answers to their questions (Part one), and they heard their identity in Christ (Part two).  What did Mary and Joseph ultimately hear? …

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Dec 17

What Mary and Joseph Heard at Christmas, Part Two

This week I have been reflecting on Mary and Joseph’s experience at the first Christmas.  What did Mary and Joseph hear from God?  Yesterday I pointed out that Mary and Joseph heard answers to their questions.  What else did they hear? I’m always amused when I look at a nativity scene, or watch a christmas …

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Dec 16

What Mary & Joseph Heard at Christmas, Part One

I have been thinking about Mary and Joseph’s experience during the first Christmas.   What did Mary and Joseph hear from God? Mary and Joseph were asking two very different questions at Christmas.  Mary was asking, “How?”  “How will this be, Mary asked the angel, “since I am a virgin?” is what we read in …

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May 29

Seven Tips for Parenting in a Performance-Driven Society

We love our kids very much, and we are involved in many aspects of their life. We spend time together, have fun together, laugh together, cry together, and enjoy being together. We are not a perfect family, and we have made plenty of mistakes as parents. There are days where things are going really great, …

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Apr 24

Freedom, Flesh & Spirit : A Response in the Aftermath of the Boston Marathon Bombings

Below is a condensed version of a message I preached at our Saturday night service this past weekend:   I found myself agitated and angry many times this week as I processed the events that took place in Boston and Watertown. I’m still trying to understand what would possess people to take away the freedom of …

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Mar 18

A Shepherd Leader


This is Ernie.  I recently met Ernie and have quickly developed a friendly rapport with him.  He is in his mid-eighties, and has been leading a Saturday Morning Men’s Breakfast for years.  Once a month Ernie gathers with a group of men for community, study and food.   Here is the incredible part of Ernie’s …

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Aug 08

Four Ways I Have Learned To Travel Smarter

Between work and family I have about ten overnight trips over the course of a year.  There was a time where I didn’t think much about packing when I would travel; I would just simply throw everything into a suitcase and rushed out the door.  Over the years I have discovered some simple, but helpful ways to …

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