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Aug 06

Three Ways I’m Using Evernote

Several years ago I got an Evernote account.  I remember taking a picture of a quote on the back of a Starbucks cup with my Palm Treo, and emailing it to my Evernote account, which would then be able to be found in a search database by typing in a few words of the quote …

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Aug 03

How One Bad Decision Can Destroy A Legacy

Last week NCAA officials handed down a punishment on the sexual abuse scandal at Penn State that has many people talking and weighing in on the decision.  Here was the official ruling: Four year ban from post-season bowl games. $60 Million dollar fine. All wins between 1998-2011 (111 wins) vacated. Scholarship reductions. Five year probation. …

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Aug 01

Questions to Ask When Hiring a Youth Pastor

I have been helping a local church hire a their next Youth Pastor, and was asked to give them some questions to help sift through their resume’ pile.  Here are some questions I recommended they ask ask during round #1 to see if their potential finalists have a solid foundation.  Any other questions come to mind?  Leave a comment …

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Jul 31

Questions a Church Must Ask BEFORE Hiring a Youth Pastor

One of the most visited posts’ on my blog is Questions to Ask When Hiring a Youth Pastor.  Today I was thinking about questions that a Church must ask before hiring a youth pastor.  If your Church is going to invest $150k of ministry dollars over the next three years, not only is it good …

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Jul 30

Pushing Our Kids to Growth In Their Faith, Part 2

In part one of this series, I shared how I often hear some parents say that they don’t want to push their kids when it comes to faith. I shared how there were usually three reasons behind this: fear, inadequacy and challenge. Fear is a common issue when parents are concerned that if they push …

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Jul 29

A Common Mistake Parents Make When Challenging Kids to Grow in Their Faith, Part 1


I want to begin this series by making it very clear that my purpose is not to critique parents (I am a parent), or send a message that will be interpreted as negative.  My purpose for writing this post is to create awareness, generate dialogue, and help parents be successful in helping their kids grow …

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Jul 28

The Presence and Absence of God Quotes From Eugene Peterson

gfx_2a, 4a

This past weekend I had the amazing privilege to preach at our main weekend services.  If you are interested in hearing it, or want to hear it again, you can find it here.  I have received a couple of requests for the quotes from Eugene Peterson that I used.  Here are the quotes and a …

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Jul 27

A Theology for Hanging Out

Some of the most teachable moments in my faith journey have occurred when others would simply hang out with me.A college professor “hung out” with me every Tuesday of my senior year to play racquetball.A mentor “hung out” with me every Monday night around a dinner table for a year where we talked about faith …

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Jul 26

Thoughts on Teen “Sexting”

The Boston Globe had an article in their December 8th edition entitled “Teens’ Nude Photos Get Unexpected Results“. I actually received a couple of emails from parents and leaders who reacted to the article. It certainly is a daunting time to be a teenager. The culture has lowered the standards for sexuality to a level …

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Jul 25

What Does it Mean To Be Called By God?

God called Noah to build an Ark, called Moses lead Israel out of Egypt, called Jonah to preach in Nineveh. The Old Testament stories of Jacob, Samuel, David, Solomon reveal to us that God was at work in ordinary people to do great things. What about us? What does it mean to be called by …

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